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Detz rushing to battle.


Lightblade Ninja.


Posted by - MDave - March 26th

Dear me, have I been a lazy bones! Actually, I've been super busy working on my other project for the PSP, which you can find the site and info at from the splash page. Check it out! And then, if you noticed news and updates slowing down there, it means I'm over here working on bladebattles ;).

Posted by - MDave - Decemeber 12th

6 months of no news or updates dosn't sound good does it? Lets say I've been busy during that time (unfortunatley not on Blade Battles). I'm back and will carry on from where I left off now though :).

Posted by - MDave - June 25th

The forums are up at last! The forum style is also slowly being converted to match the style of the site. Only area left is the gallery section! And thats when I can put some stuff into the gallery section, still early days yet.

Posted by - MDave - June 21th

We have a new IRC channel thanks to the people at! Here's the info: #bladebattles.

You'll need mIRC ( or you can use enter the game's web chat to join the channel, by clicking on the IRC link at the top of the page.

Posted by - MDave - June 15th

A video of the animations I have completed up to now are in the files section. Have a long way to go still!

Posted by - MDave - June 15th

Welcome to the home of Blade Battles! Site is up and running, thanks to Zeth! Only areas not completed yet are the forums and gallery sections, which will hopefully be done soon! Check out the different sections of the site to find out more on this project!